Modifying Expections


I still have a long way to go, but I am already so far from where I used to be.

Hola!!, so we’re back again on another update of my blog. As you might know (me guessing), I am presently working on Creating tutorials for Zarr. If you would like to read more about my project, kindly refer to my previous post where I gave a vivid explanation about it.

You always start a project with certain goals. You make a list of targets that need to be achieved before the end of the week and by next month. However, once a project starts, you might feel the need to modify the project goals.

That is completely fine.


There can be multiple reasons for making changes to the initial plan:

  • The time taken to achieve the targets might be the expected time, but you were not realistic while setting your goals.
  • Your project turned out to be more complicated than you anticipated.
  • You encountered some unexpected situations.
  • You faced some technical issues.

My Original Internship Timeline

My original timeline contained 4 major tasks, divided between three months of my internship which included,

  1. Reading and understanding the existing tutorials available on Zarr documentation and Jupyter notebooks presentations
  2. After gaining a basic understanding and working of Zarr, start writing tutorials for beginners
  3. Converting the tutorials into a complete Jupyter notebook containing presentations/slides and underlying working of Zarr (experience of working with designing would be a plus here)
  4. Help in designing Jupyter notebooks for visualising Zarr data present across multiple domains

Goals Met

so far I have have been able to meet up with all four tasks on a small scale as they are all inter-wooven, and more cycles to be repeated

My Accomplishments in This First Half

So far, I have been able to

  • Create blog posts as it was something I actually was new to.
  • Socialize and work in a community and team
  • Think out of the box to getting simplier ways of getting tutorials layed out
  • Learn use cases and experimetation with Jupyter notebooks

Project (1) actually took way longer than expected this was as a result of technical issues and unexpected delays like falling sick or other personal issues. Also trying to understand the complexities available was a contributing factor

If I were to start the project all over, there’s not much I could or would change. I started with a slow pace and faced some major issues at a point in time, but thanks to the help of my mentors Josh Moore and Sanket Verma, I was placed on track soonest. At times I had to go through articles over articles to fix some minor errors. But over the past one and a half month, I’ve gained better Tutorial creating skills, a more open mindset for discussions, more confidence in my abilities and an experience of a lifetime.

As of now, I feel like everything is going on pretty well, I am learning alot while enjoying every bit of it. We are close to the release of a new Zarr version, which rekindles my lamp of excitement. Added to that, there is more Tutorials, and jupyter notebooks create.

If you would like to contribute to Zarr, please don’t hesitate to swing by GitHub and raise a GitHub issue for discuss.

As always, Thank you for staying tune and for Reading. Until next time,

Auf Wiedersehen!!!